Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Some of Our Partner Schools' Most Commonly Asked Questions

School Requirements

A one-time fee of just $500 gives you full access to all of our academic resources as well as administrative support from our experienced team, including new courses that are developed and added regularly. While there are various student fees, your school will never pay any other fees. Active schools with students completing courses at least annually can avoid a $300 reactivation fee.
No. We extend our partner school program to churches and other faith-based organizations to help Kingdom-minded, missional and marketplace leaders also take advantage of this great opportunity. We offer the opportunity for legal ministry licensing and ordination for those wanting to pursue ministry credentials.
There is no requirement, but a minimum of three registered students is recommended to help ensure a successful start for your partner school.

Resources and Support

Getting started, one person can serve as Chancellor, Dean and Administrator of a partner school. However, as the school grows it is recommend that each role be filled by a different team member to best serve your team and students.
No, our Learning Management System (LMS) is designed to serve every need of your school and can even feature your own logo!
Once your application is received, your new school will be fully operational within just 3 business days!

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