Pastor David Goss

David Goss


“I forwarded this week’s podcast to every leader I oversee, church and business. We sense the timing for intentional growth as well.”


Brian Noel

Author, Incarcerated Student

” You have helped me build my faith on the solid foundation, the cornerstone of our faith, Jesus Christ. I wouldn’t be where I am at without the education that I have obtained through CLST. I’ve written a book and I plan on using 100% of the proceeds for prison ministry. “


Antorinette Lott


” Although I have not had the opportunity to take more classes with CLSTG, I am truly blessed by the genuine love and concern that I have experienced. My prayer is that I will have and opportunity to complete my degree and continue to declare the works of the Lord. “


Samuel Frost


” Dr. Kevin Baird’s course on Engaging Culture was quite up to date and pertinent. “


Bernice DeLoach


“ This is an excellent school for Christians who are “hungry” for the Word of God! Instructors that I’ve studied under have expounded and explained the Word so well that a child can understand it. Many times I literally sat on the edge of my seat listening and soaking up what I was hearing. ”

David Ahart

David Ahart


“ Christian Life School of Theology Global has some major advantages to those already in ministry. For those with a demanding schedule, the online videos can be played over and over again. I personally enjoy listening to the videos as I’m driving via Bluetooth. ”


Dawna Avery


“ What I love most about courses offered at Christian Life School of Theology Global are the caliber of Spirit-filled professors! No where else have I found equipping that is so unwavering in its mission to teach the active Word of God! ”